Aired pregame.
Trivia: First time advertising in Super Bowl, Under Armour pulled out all the stops and created an entire city in CGI, 46 graphics designers working at once to finish CGI for spot. Credits inside.

Athlete credit: segmented by sport.

Winter/Outdoor Football

Kimmie Meissner Eric Ogbogu

Dash Longe Vernon Davis

Jen Hudak Ray Lewis

Lindsay Jacobellis Bob Sanders

Patrick Kerney

Running Eric Weddle

Chris McCormack Brandon Jacobs

Tom Zbikowski


Todd Oudsema Baseball

Alfonso Soriano

Golf Garrett Atkins

Hunter Mahan Jeff Samardzija

Josh Vitters

Soccer Billy Rowell

Casey Zimny Michael Burgess

Chris Marrero

NASCAR Softball

Carl Edwards Cat Osterman

Lovie Jung

Caitlin Lowe

Creative credit: Spot created in-house by Under Armour.
Producers: Ross Jones, Rip Lambert
VP of Brand: Steve Battista
Sr. Creative Director: Marcus Stephens
Sr. Manager, Art Director: Nate Shriver
Art Director - New Media: Brian Boring
Art Director: Eric Clemmer
Production Co: Backyard Productions
Director: Ericson Core
Executive Producer/Partner: Blair Stribley
Executive Producer/Head of Production: Peter Steinzeig
Producer: Karen Chen
Director of Photography: Ericson Core
Visual EFX: Asylum
Editorial: Beast
Editor: Igor Kovalik
Sound Designer: Rob Sephton
Music: Machine Head


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  • Plywood's picture

    Did they thaw out a client from the 90's to approve this?

    And then hire a creative team from the 80's?

    Ahhhh - I get it - they did it in house. That explains everything.

    Feb 04, 2008
  • Dabitch's picture

    Don't forget to rate stuff, you'll affect which order the Superbowl pages serve the ads!

    Feb 04, 2008
  • aby90's picture

    If you don't know what the product is already

    Feb 06, 2008
  • Dabitch's picture

    Yes (to yeah, they'll download) - Frequently Asked Questions answers all sorts of Q's on how to upgrade and explains how to download (with QT pro, a download button appears as you watch the ad and you just click it to save the ad to your desktop).

    Jul 18, 2008

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