Droga5 New York and Bad Assemly LA continue UNICEF's Tap Project by turning the worlds largest social network into a "water network".

Public guilting kicks in, you see you can donate $5 via PayPal or text, and then pick two Facebook friends, who will receive water as well as a message asking them to donate. The message appears with a clear flow of water showin that the water stops at the next friend, just like in those cute little games-apps. You turn on the tap and the connections between you and your friends carry water to the next one. And here's the neat part, as more and more people join the initiative, users will be able to see their "water network" grow all over the world.

Celebrities Alyssa Milano, Heidi Klum, Kristen Bell, Seth Rogen, Sting and Kevin Spacey are all beginning their own networks and tweeting about the campaign to start the digital water aquaduct.

Droga5 New York & Bad Assembly LA

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