The opening shots of blue bow windows in the traditional Tunisian architecture as the music swells sets the beauty shot standard in this ad. As a young girl runs up the cobble stone steps, she turns to the sea and makes a gesture to her heart. As if they all saw and felt her, the carpet maker, the fisherman, the school children and the man on the berber horse all make the same gesture. At this point so many beauty shots of old ladies, traditional weaving, Tunisian architecture, scenic desert and so on are making me feel a nationalistic pride for a country mired in history that I have only visited, that I want to make the same heart gesture - and that was exactly what the director intended. For all over the world, Berlin, Rio, London, New York, people are responding to the girls heart gesture with their own.

And that my friends, is how you cinematically thank the world for the Nobel peace prize awarded to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet for its contribution to the young Tunisian democracy.

United For Tunisia Ad agency: Publicis Director: Julien Faure Production Company: