The man and his clapper. He claps around. He can clap like nobody else. And that's why he's a wanted man.

Hang on, I'll let wearetopsecret explain:

If you haven’t rolled down Franklin in beautiful Eugene, OR in a minute, it’s got a bit of a makeover, and we’re talking a facelift, tummy tuck, calf implants and a tit job. Their brand new $220+ million dollar basketball arena is seriously legit. Some may even say it’s 2 legit 2 quit. Thanks Uncle Phil. They wanted some help putting some asses in seats, so they came to us to do ‘em up with some videos to draw attention to their basketball squad. These are those fateful videos.

........and so that's why a woman is kidnapped at the supermarket and the winged truck pulls up outside of the super fans house.

Agency: Super Top Secret Creative Directors: Ryan Martindale, Aaron Sather Copywriter: Jake Gunderson Producer: Roxanne Wise Production Company: Saint Could Film Director: Jared Harris Director of Photography: Munn Powell Producer: Kyle Glenn