University of Phoenix - Let's Get To Work America / Resources - (2012) :60 (USA)

This is quite interesting, there's jobs and theres people who need jobs, but there's not enough people with skills for these jobs.

University of Phoenix’s Breaking it Down TV campaign “Resource/Skyscraper/Parking Lot” Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat Creative Directors: Jose Luiz Martinez and Erik Enberg Art Director: Jose Luiz Martinez Copywriter: Erik Enberg Producer: William Near Assistant Producer: Whitney Bogosian Business Affairs: Kim Stevens Strategy: Amber Finlay and Gabrielle Rossetti Marketing Producers: Jon Hedlund and Maura Mattoon Production Company: RSA Production Company Executive Producer: Tracie Norfleet Production Company Line Producer: David Mitchell Director: Pekka Hara Cinematographer: Claudio Miranda Editorial Company: Lost Planet Editors: Hank Corwin, Patrick Fabbrini and Charlie Johnston Colorist: Mark Gethin Sound Designer: Hank Corwin, Charlie Johnston and Rex Recker Music Recording Artist: Air “Tropical Disease” (Skyscraper), Lana Del Rey “Bluejeans” (Parking Lot) Pivot/Amsterdam (Resource) Sound Engineer: Rex Recker Visual Effects: MPC Visual Effects Supervisors: Paul O’Shea and Vicky Osborn Visual Effects Executive Producer: Justin Brukman Visual Effects Producer: John Skeffington
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