Nothing’s bigger than small business. Why? because small businesses create jobs. They are in fact the main creator, with 67% of the jobs created coming from small businesses. And while it sounds like it's part of the U.S. Government which no one in their right minds would ever describe as being small, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is not affiliated with the government. It's a lobbying group, and is in fact the largest lobbying group int he country, spending more per year than any other group.
It is nice to celebrate the little guy, so to speak. And you can see there is a vast amount of diverse small businesses with varying employee numbers in this spot. Although it must be said they kept it on the small side. Perhaps it's more romantic to think of someone with three employees keeping America running rather than a 1,500 strong company. But that number, 1,500, is the cut off for what is considered a small businesses. In other words, if you're ever worked for a large-ish agency not owned by a holding company, it too, was a small business.
As far as the ad is concerned, people holding signs isn't very exciting though. And beyond a hurray for small businesses, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with this information in this spot or the giant lobby who paid for it.

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