Utah Saints "Something Good ‘08" (Ministry of Sound) (2008) music video 2:45 (UK)


Utah Saints "Something Good ‘08" (Ministry of Sound) (2008) music video 2:45 (UK)

Director Eran Creevy has just completed this great video for Utah Saints' 2008 remix of “Something Good” (love to original Kate Bush song too). In the video, the running man is revived and looking cool!

Utah Saints "Something Good “08" (Ministry of Sound)
Production company: Between The Eyes, London / Sleeper, Los Angeles
Director: Eran Creevy
Producer: Ben Pugh
Director of Photography: Ed Wild
Art Director: Mac Cox
Choreographer: Kate Prince at Zoo Nation
Telecine: Kenny at MPC
Editor: Dan Sherwen at Final Cut
Online: Aman at Golden Post
Commissioner: CJ Hassay at New Selecta



I've watched this a million times now and it's official. I now have a teenage crush on the lead dancer. I will now swallow giggles, break out in cold sweats and try and act cool whenever he comes near.

I see that didn't last. I guess that is hard fact of life on the planet of music video.

I wonder if in ten years a video will come along giving the Macarena similar treatment?

You could never make the Macarena look cool. Then again, I thought the same thing about the running man until I saw this video.

That was all kinds of fantastic.

who are the dancing gals in the video?

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