Remember UTEC, the school whose students created the portable water generator billboard, the air orchard to clean irrigation water, and the air cleaning billboard? They're back with something even more ingenious and practical. The problem - out in the rainforest, the electricity won't work because the cable keeps going out. Nature gets in the way of getting reliable electricity out there. The solution - use nature to make electricity. They devised a plant-pot that actually generates enough electricity to power a lamp. Edu ads are fantastic these days, between this and Sydney University's emotional ad about Deng Thiak, I want to go back to school.

Client: UTEC - Universidad de Ingeniería & Tecnología Agency: FCB Mayo Country: Peru Name of the Campaign: Plant Lamp Chief Creative Officer: Humberto Polar Executive Creative Director: Flavio Pantigoso Creative Director: Daniel Sacroisky Copywriter: Silvia Angulo / Richard Gervacio Art Director: Daniel Tomazini / Pietro Soldi BTL Account Director: Sandra Goicochea Account Supervisor: Max Torres Account Executive: Ximena González Production Supervisor: Tomás Cortés Head of Production: Alonso Palomino Production Company: Sangre Director: Antonio Sarria Executive Producer: Celia Barreda / Fiorella Casanova Director of Photography: Antonio Sarria Assistant of Director: Pedro Zamalloa Camera Assistant: Pedro Schmitt Editor: Pedro Zamalloa / Rosana Samanamud Post-Producer: Jorge Sabana / Pedro Zamalloa Audio: La Sonora Client approval: Jessica Ruas Quartara