V Energy Guarana - Pomparkour / Ladder Sport - (2010) New Zealand


V Energy Guarana - Pomparkour / Ladder Sport - (2010) New Zealand

Ok, FORGET SKATEBOARDS, I take it all back. I don't wanna skateboard at all, I wanna do this new “Pompakour” thing with ladders. You know, because parkour just isn't dangerous enough. I wanna be hopping over buildings like I'm frickin' spidey-man and ...woah, I'd type more but the vertigo I got from watching this ad just made me fall off my chair.

Seriously though, these guys are professional stuntmen, they have safety-stuff rigged to them that is edited away in post, these sort of tricks should not be attempted at home by impressionable young kids who reckon green-sugar-goo with infused guarana is tasty. Clear?

.... moms will be calling to complain in 3...2..1


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Dunno. Using the ladders is kind of cheating isn't it? ;-)


Well, at risk of removing some of the "magic" seen in the ad, here's the stunt-men as they practice before the shoot, and in the end some clips of the shoot before the post removed their safety-stuff. I'm still impressed, because if I was bouncing off trampolines with a ladder, I'd get seriously hurt.

Thank you Åsk that was awesome! I strangely don't know any stunt people only a few circus performers and many fire dancers. All those years I lived in LA no stunt people.

Dude, I just fixed spelling in your comment. If you can't spell my name, please stick to db, dabs or Dabitch. #majorpeeve

Sorry its the limits of my keyboard!!!!!!!! No offense intended.

The wikipedia are in a fight right now over whether this sport is invented by BBDO or not. "Please don't add Hoaxes to the wikipedia. So, was anyone doing this before the ad?

I thought this was the way they stormed Jericho back in Biblical times. That horn story with the walls falling was just a cover so other cities wouldn't know about future ladder attacks. (from wikipedia btw)

*bwahahaha!* That's a nice touch. Much better than this http://pomparkour.blogspot.com/ blogspot blog which seems to have been establisehd around the same time the pre-production meetings of the V ad began. ;)

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