It’s no secret that Vans is one of the most vibrant brands of the past 40 years, so when they launched their recent “Off the Wall” campaign, they hooked up with F360 CDs/Directors Ross Harris and Joel Fox for an equally off the wall concept. Drawing on a diverse Vans fan base, the two creative directors helped develop a fresh and totally immersive brand experience with F360 ultimately producing and filming a full parade. The end result features a rowdy procession of skaters, bikers, bands, and floats emphasizing the unique voice and spirit of the well-known shoe brand.

Client: Vans Creatives: Jared Abe, Steve Zeitzoff Production Co.: F360 Directors / Creatives: Ross Harris and Joel Fox Executive Producers: Eric Tu, Peter Friedman Director of Photography: Tom Banks Editors: Ross Harris, Jared Abe

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