Fun little piss take on buzz words surrounding car advertising in this spot for public transportation company Västtrafik. The spot is one funny misdirect. It opens on the sleek chrome and electric lights making one think of the latest self-driving car or luxury plug-in hybrid which gets 8,000 miles to the charge. Bus words-- sorry, buzz words appear making one think of pretentious car commercials. Words and phrases like: Electrified. Delegated driving. Sustainable. Mobile connected. Easy Vehicle Sharing. And then it ends with a powerful bold statement: The Future Of Mobility.
And then after a beat the Bus lights turn on.
VO: Yep. There's the future.We're now giving you the chance to test drive two weeks for free.
Simple. Smart. And great attention to detail including the oh-so-dramatic music. For a minute I thought I was watching a Lexus commercial. Well done.

Client: Västtrafik Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors Account Manager: Greger Andersson Art Director: Lars Jansson Copywriter: Pontus Caresten Designer: Christoffer Pettersson Agency Producer: Åsa Hammar Digital Agency Producer: Peter Gaudiano Production Manager: Helen Johansson Director: Is this it DoP: Jens Jansson

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