Vegemite - Concensus 2 (how do you eat your Vegemite?) - (2008) :30 (Australia)


Vegemite - Concensus 2 (how do you eat your Vegemite?) - (2008) :30 (Australia)

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Vegemite wants to know how you eat your vegemite. Are you a wormer, a streaker or a tiger striper? All non-aussies who say "eew, yuck, vegemite!?" need not apply. ;) actually, it«s pretty tasty. I'm a streaker.
Agency: JWT Melbourne

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Richard Muntz, Executive Creative Director
Jason Ryan, Art Director
Keith Nicolas, Art Director
Scott Glennon, Copywriter
Pip Heming, Agency Producer
Director: Matt Kamen
Production Company: The Guild



I eat my vegemite with butter on toast and an egg on top :)

i eat my vegemite on crumpets

Is that a "vegger"?

Would it not be a veggemite?

Of course! I'll stick to fonts now.

I don't. I eat Cadbury's Creme Eggs. I wonder if there's a case for Badlanding this campaign?

I was thinking the same thing. Of course, Cadbury's has stopped the "how do you eat yours?" campaign, so the poor unemployed slogan needed to find a new job somewhere.

"How do you eat yours" is classic for something (slightly odd) that you can eat - Reeses peanut butter cups ran that from the late seventies until, well at least the early nineties. Like Vegemite it has its fans and those who just really hate the stuff.

I'm boring i eat mine on crackers with cheese but my friend however eats hers with beetroot and cheese.

I wonder how many Vegemite fans are going to join adland just to comment on this thread. Any bets? Lets start a pool.

They might be part of the campaign, can Dabitch check their IP numbers?

They're for real. Different IP#'s, legit (name.surname@) emails at australian networks rather than free-hosts (gmail, hotmail the likes) etc.

I eat my vegemite on toast and dip it in my coffee

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