Venga Boys have resurfaced only to make what they call "the Surprise World Cup Anthem 2014!" It's as annoying of an earworm as they usually make, and can be found in the following places, on iTunes, on Amazon MP3 and you can stream it on Spotify. I have a sneaking suspicion that the video will be more popular than the song though. You see, it stars two hypnotic movers that some people just can't tear their eyes from. It's only breasts. Boobies. Tatas. Hooters. Milkshakes. The cha-chas. Bouncing dancing bopping bosoms. Mamboing mammilla. For three minutes. Nipples covered of course, we wouldn't want any full frontal nudity here.

Client: Venga Boys Produced by REVOLVER Amsterdam Creative Producers Ivo de Jongh & Karen Bruinsma Directed by INE & SANNE represented by Cake Photography Diderik Evers Lighting Daan de Boer Editing Sander van der Aa Designers Anne Wagemaker Casting Sidney Brandeis Make up Alina Stefan Make up assistant Noa Thijssen Prop assistant Ioni Chamilaki Production assistant Tim Nikken Post Darlings post-production Online Captha! Grading Barry Clarke Shot at Umsjatka studios Amsterdam
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