Venus Embrace - Nun - (2008) :30 (USA)


Venus Embrace - Nun - (2008) :30 (USA)

ad agency: BBDO New York

David Lubars, Chief Creative Officer
Bill Bruce, Chief Creative Officer
Jack Neary, Executive Creative Director
Gro Frivoll, Senior Creative Director
Gro Frivoll, Art Director
Susan Golkin, Copywriter
John Lacey, Executive Producer
Roger Jones, Assistant Producer
Director:Tom Rouston
Prod. Co.: Tool of North America
Director of Music Radio Production: Rani Vaz
Director of Photography: Bill Pope
Editing House: Crew Cuts
Editor: Sherri Margulies
FX/SFX: Nice Shoes
Music: Orig. music by D. Horowitz, J. Horowitz,
J. Holmes/DHMA



Is that Sinead O'Connor?

I don't think so, unless she's gotten much younger; and, oh yeah, gotten over her hatred for the Catholic church. :-)

Basically, she looks like a LOT of people with similar facial structure.

hahah...with her next hit single "Nothing Shaves Like You". ;)

Did Prince write that one too?


Honestly now? Nuns? Is it 1988 again?

This summers next hit!

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