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claymore Creative Director, copywriter and ad connoisseur that has been riding the wild surf of advertising in style, panache and grace for two decades.

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    I'm doing something wrong. I'm new here and trying to watch this ad but when I click on the ad I just get a small picture and an empty box where the php file seems to be located. I went into IE and turned on cookies but this doesn't make a difference.
    Any help will be appreciated.

    Mar 13, 2003
  • Dabitch's picture

    Sounds like you need to run the old Quicktime updater.... Go under "help" in your Quicktime menu and select "download missing components"

    the ad is indeed there - I see it - but apparantly your QT doesn't. Do any other ads around here work for you? They are all compressed the same way, see. If one works so shall all the others. :)

    The faq has a few external link as well regarding Quicktime and common problems right here (link now dead & removed) i cant see commercials help! - are any of those links helpful? "I wen't to IE and turned on cookies" - youknow in order to log in succesfully at all, they already had to be on. Else you wouldn't be able to see this page nor post comments.

    Mar 13, 2003

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