Verizon - Monkey (2003) 0:30 (US)


Verizon - Monkey (2003) 0:30 (US)

Monkey see, monkey do.

Superadgrunts, click continue to see.



I love this commercial!!

This is the funniest commercial I have seen in a long long time! I think the monkey should now be the official spokesperson of verizon!

I tried to find this commercial on the adland site, but there doesn't appear to be a hyperlink associated with the photo. Does anyone have it available to re-post? Thanks,

not sure if I'm reading this correctly but here goes.

If you don't see a playing movie underneath that monkey-photo, I suggest you do a quicktime installation check, seems that you are missing something in your Quicktime to view the commercial, which is underneath the photo.

I think what the problem is is that they don't have me upgraded to a Super Grunt yet. I did the PayPal thing this afternoon, but I still can't view any commercials. When I move my mouse over the photos, it doesn't change to the pointing finger to let me select, play, download, etc., the commercials. I'm not sure how long that process is supposed to take, but that appears to be what's happening. Thanks for your reply.

Ahhh - Try clicking on the title instead instead of the picture - that's the headline thing with the name of the spot at the top of each post. That'll get you in.

If he's been able to hit the "post comment" button, he has been able to see the ad.
He must be upgraded to a super adgrunt now - else permission would not allow him to even comment on this article. I you can comment - you can see it.
I'm still thinking his QT isn't fully equipped - or perhaps he has Mapping problems. (so a .mov files isn't handled by his browser). How to fix mapping problems is in the FAQ too. PS when i say "underneath the photo" - I don't mean "click the photo" i mean, literally, underneath/below the photo there is a film on this page. I you don't see one - your Quicktime plug-in is not up to par and I suggest you upgrade and come back when you're done.

In honor of this confusion - we now have a new and illustrated FAQ question "what does it look like when I become a super adgrunt?". I hope that clears things up.

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