Verizon - Science Project (Iron Man) - (2013) :30 (USA)


Verizon - Science Project (Iron Man) - (2013) :30 (USA)

Vancouver-based The Embassy has created VFX for every Iron Man film in the franchise. They now bring their visual effects talents, and their experience in the Iron Man films, to the small screen for Verizon's latest commercial via McCann New York and directed by O Positive's Jim Jenkins.

For the first Iron Man film, The Embassy was given the exciting opportunity to build the CG Iron Man suit from scratch. This project was their first foray into film and although the project was a challenge, they very proud to be given the opportunity to create the VFX for an entire Iron Man suit sequence. Since then, they've worked on the suits on every follow-up film.

When this Verizon project came along, featuring a young boy creating an Iron Man suit for his school's science fair, The Embassy was the obvious choice for the VFX.

"We had tons of experience with the suits and were very familiar with getting them converted into our pipeline," Simon Van de Lagemaat, Director and Co-Founder, The Embassy. "Every suit is slightly different and each has their unique issues. For Iron Man 3, we had already been working with the suit that was used in the Verizon commercial. Our past experience with the suits helped in securing this project, but our extensive experience with producing quality VFX for tight commercial deadlines was also a valuable asset."


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