Verizon Wireless 4G - "Send Reinforcements" - (2012) :30


Verizon Wireless 4G - "Send Reinforcements" - (2012) :30

Wow, that bird is fast!

"Send Reinforcements" features an embattled colonial-era general making a desperate plea to his superiors for backup. He sends off his request via carrier pigeon, hoping that his note will arrive in time. The general has barely turned around when all of a sudden the pigeon is back, response in tow. The spot closes with the general's clever quip, "you're quite the carrier," a nod to Verizon's speedy new service.

Dearie me, it's a pun.



That's the kind of beer commercial I love...I think we all love beer and I always remember the ones that give you a chuckle while you're thinking about which new one to try! Never ran into a Dad like that though!