Rejoice, all you über connected folks with an obscene amount of disposable income, the $199 reusable mug is here, and it can tell you what you are drinking! Not only that, it connects to an app that keeps track of your hydration, calories and caffeine during the day, and you can see what you're drinking too much of. Though when it comes to wine most people have an app in their heads that signals "too much wine" with a lot of pain the next day. If you ever thought "gee, how could I store MORE data about myself and my habits on the internet..." have I got a glass for you!

The vessyl can detect most drinks, and I presume it's checking what's in the glass with a tiny spectrometer and comparing the color to a database of drinks they've already checked. Like the scio molecular reader, but less complicated.
You don't need a cup like this, basically you could keep track of your hydration, calories & caffeine by turning that canned coke around and reading the label. If you wanna get all fancy with it, you could get a 100ml cup and a barcode scanner, save all drinks you've consumed for the day in an excel sheet and calculate the calories from there. Oh, sure, it doesn't look as cool, and it doesn't sync to your fitness apps. I get it.

The Vessyl does not detect toxic metals or contaminants, so it can't tell you if you're about to be roofied. And while it can detect some soda pops down to the actual brand, it's not that great at detecting the exact nutritional content of your home-made juice mix. Vessyl can sync with your other fitness apps so now your internet stalkers know not only where you jog, but also how much gatorade you drink while jogging.

My favourite part of the whole ad is when a guy pours a beer into it and the cup tells him:


No shit Sherlock.

Directed by : Robert Mentov The Public Works