As congress prepares to vote yes or no next month on a nuclear deal with Iran, President Obama is facing a growing amount of skepticism. Many senators have stated they will vote against the bill, although words and actions are hardly the same in politics. With President Obama's recent statements that those who don't support the deal also risk going more war, that skepticism is turned into outrage, especially among those whose voices should be heard in this matter, but aren't: veterans.

As of today, that's changing. A non-profit (and non-partisan) organization called Veterans Against the Deal has launched a new campaign from the voice of vets, urging Senators to vote no on the deal. It is currently running in states where some Senators may be on the fence about which side of history they'd like to be standing on when they vote next month.

The first ad features Retired Staff Sgt. Robert Bartlett who was blown up by an Iranian bomb, leaving him disfigured. in addition to that horrible day, he also describes witnessing atrocities at the hands of Iranian terrorists who came into villages, killed children and forced the villagers to do their bidding. "Every politician whose involved in this will be held accountable. They'll have blood on their hands," he says. The ad ends with Bartlett urging those in Montana to call Senator Jon Tester and urge him to vote no on the deal.

As far as political ads go, this one eschews the over-the-top theatrics, (except perhaps for the music) and exploitive imagery. No bloody photographs. No crying victims. Instead, Sgt. Bartlett sits quietly on his sofa and tells you what he thinks. By choosing to shine the spotlight on a vet who sustained a casualty a decade ago, the ad also reminds us that Iran's past actions suggest the chances of "peace in our time," are historically slim.

Client: Veterans Against The Deal