Disclosure: Dabitch asked me to write about this, because this ad is so bad she was in a catatonic state for an hour after viewing it exactly once. For the sake of science and advertising, I bravely put on a hazmat suit and suffered through it.

e-cigarette makers are finding it hard to advertising their products to the Vapers who love them. Mostly because study after study is showing that e-cigarettes are potentially as carcinogenic and harmful as any other tobacco product.

To get around the fact they can't show people, um, "vaping," with their product, VIP created some teaser ads, followed by the ubiquitous Banned Ad They Won't Let You See On TV™ version.

The ads like the one above and one featuring a man (who is as believable in his role as sex machine as an estate agent) are aimed at the adult audience. And by "adult" I mean "adolescents."

"I want you to get it out and put it in your mouth..."

Oh yeah? Well I want you to take acting lessons. Strung out porn stars have more believable sex appeal.

At one point she starts hyperventilating or something, I'm not really sure what she's doing. Maybe she's having an emphysema moment. I don't know if e-cigarettes cause emphysema. I just assume they do.

And can we talk about the awkward change from sexy into straight up spokesman language circa 1953: "I want you to switch to the great taste of VIP."

Actually, let's not. Let's not ever talk about this again.

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