Virgin Mobile Australia's, Fair Go Bro campaign is a big hit.

The campaign, developed by One Green Bean and Havas Worldwide Sydney dropped in July. Starring none other than Brad Pitt's brother Doug. It's silly and a long way to go for a ham sammy, especially considering we're talking about Virgin Mobile here (as opposed to Virginn Airlines) but hey, it apparently worked. It had 1.3 million views in the first week with "no media support," according to the press release. Earned media out the wazoo, millions of Ozzies talking about it, etc.

Bravo, Virgin. You borrowed interest via the borrowed interest's brother, thereby saving millions of bucks in the interim. No doubt Doug exercised years of sibling resentment by becoming a star (albeit no doubt a temporary one) in Australia.

Still. Considering his more famous brother's latest carptacular ad for Chanel, I would argue you're the better commercial actor.

Virgin Fair Go Bro campaign agency credits: Concept Creation: One Green Bean & Havas Worldwide Sydney ATL: Havas Worldwide Sydney PR: One Green Bean Social Media: One Green Bean Digital Design & Development: Future Büro Media: Starcom TV Production: The Glue Society, Matt Devine