Virgin Music - Hold nothing back - (2006) :45 (USA)


Virgin Music - Hold nothing back - (2006) :45 (USA)

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So? Honda "Grrr" influenced? And some from Smashing Pumpkins "Tonite Tonite" ...

Didn't made me run to buy music from Virgin - and I really don't think that youngsters think it's "Virginesque". So - who's the target group?

Definitely grrr-influenced, but kind of brilliant in it's own way. The music is beautiful, haunting. The more you watch it, the more drawn-in you get. Love "God save the queen." I actually think it's quite "virginesque."

I just noticed video killed the radio star. Ha.

Yes, but it it brilliant enough to knock Sony Bravia balls off the top spot in this years award-circuit? I hope so - though it's been released too late for most already.

That was friggin' amazing... I had to watch it a few times to pick up everything going on... And the music is indeed mesmerizing... Is that an original or clipped from existing material? I'd buy it right now!

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