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  • DatoMan1's picture

    I'm a real commercial buff, of course, but I'm also a real music buff. The music (!) in this commercial is absolutely amazing, an evocative background that helps lift the viewer into the spirit of what the games really mean, with the narration of Lucius Fox >ERRR< Morgan Freeman to help your understanding. In other words, excellent marketing!

    Thanks for posting this, Claymore. Any chance of you posting the full one minute version of this piece, o glorious one?

    Aug 14, 2008
  • DatoMan1's picture

    WOW that was fast! As always, I bow in appreciation. A very nice piece.


    Do you have the 61-second version of Visa - Go World - Come Together? You have the 30 second version, but so far I've only seen it at the Visa Site, and it's in Flash.

    I know you can find that, o magnificent one...

    Aug 14, 2008
  • claymore's picture

    They make 61 second ads now? F***ers.

    (The 30 is on top of the page here, and the 60 is linked in the comments, thanks to dabitch. As for the 61... dunno.)

    Aug 15, 2008

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