Vittel . Water Refresh Cap (2014) :45 (France)

This brilliant little invention on Vittel's liter bottle caps could make me buy their water loyally forever. See, people at Ogilvy Paris must have figured out that people like me who take espresso intravenously all day, plain forget to also drink water. We all need water, especially in hot weather, and we should all be drinking 8 glasses a day. A copywriter I once worked with solved the problem by filling a pint glass and wearing eight rubber bands around his wrist. As the day progressed, he'd add a rubber band to the pint for each time he had emptied and refilled the glass. Pretty clever system, but wouldn't you know it, I even forgot to do that. Apparently 80% of us forget to drink water.

Now comes Vittel to the rescue. Simply twist the cap and it will pop up a flag an hour later reminding you to have another glass. This is genius. Geeeeeenius.

Ogilvy Paris Chris Garbutt : Chief Creative Officer Frederic Levron : Creative Director Benoit de Fleurian : Head of Integrated Chris Rowson: Art Director Bastien Baumann Ogilvy Paris Art Director David Martinangelus : Copywriter Jeremy Bouchet : Art Director - Director Olivier Brechon : Art Director Myriam Nouicer : Account Director François Phan : Project Manager Laure Bayle : Agency Producer Diane de Bretteville : TV Producer Linda Belkadi : Producer Adrien Leygues : Hosting / Technical support Nestlé Waters Marie Cécile Pelle Lancien: Marketing Director Guillaume Gachet : Brand Manager OVA Design Benjamin Sabourin : Product Design Manager Nicolas Marquis : UX Design Manager Sebastien Wallet : Account Director Le Comptoir Du Son Et Des Images Franck Marshal : Sound Studio Alexandre Poirier : Sound Studio
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