If Viva paper towels can clean a subway, just imagine what it can do for your home. It feels like this ad kind of wants to be a stunt but doesn't know how to pull it off because it's somehow stuck in an older time. If TNT had someone push a button to add drama, this spot has you lift a paper towel, with clearly written instructions. Then all of a sudden a bunch of fully branded cleaners come out and start cleaning. While the monotonous voice over turns it into a regular old spot. One woman has quite an over-the-top reaction: "What the heck is going on!" Did she not see the branding? DId she not hear the VO?
It may not be the most original idea to have done a real stunt and just filmed it trusting you'd show the benefit of the paper towels, but it would have been more interesting than this hybrid.

Interestingly enough the press release we received mentioned this event that is a hundred times more interesting: Viva® Towels and Hollywood actress and home/DIY expert, Monica Potter, are hosting an event on April 6 to benefit the Boys & Girls Club of America. The event, held at the Boys & Girls Club Thrift Store in Ventura, CA, will demonstrate how Viva® Towels can transform used, forgotten items with just a thorough cleaning. Donated household items ranging from kitchen appliances to outdoor patio furniture will be expertly cleaned with the unique textures of Viva® Towels and then donated to deserving families across the Ventura community.

Client: Viva Paper Towels TRISECT – ad agency Geometry – retail/shopper VML – digital Mindshare – paid media Ketchum – public relations

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Why aren't the people cleaning the subway wearing gloves that's pretty gross but they're not wearing gloves

    Aug 19, 2016

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