Raul Seixas was a legendary musician, and this song is too. This clip is six minutes long, as it is the first ever music video for “Metamorfose Ambulante”. The song was composed 40 years ago today, but the story is placed somewhere ten thousand years ago.

In the clip, a group of cavemen discover a time machine, from 2014, in their midst. They find modern technology like smart phones and computers - which have every lasting batteries, where can I get me some of this technology? - which transforms their lives.

Agẽncia Africa is responsible for the idea and concept development, while the film is produced by PBA Cinema and directed by Nico Perez Veiga.
This large-scale film production has been shot by a team of 75 professionals in Argentina's Sierra de la Ventana, where the landscape forms the perfect backdrop for conveying a story from the Stone Age.

Title: Walking Metamorphosis Client: Telefonica|Vivo Product: Institutional Agency: Africa Copywriters: Rafael Pitanguy and Marcos Almirante Art Directors: Humberto Fernandez and Estefanio Holtz Creative Directors: Rafael Pitanguy and Humberto Fernandez Executive Creative Director: Sergio Gordilho Agency Production: Rodrigo Ferrari/Patricia Melito Client Services: Celina Esteves/ Cintia Hachiya/ Veridiana Efeiche/ Bia Andreucci Planning: Ana Cortat / Marcio Beauclair / Mahira Oliveira Media: Luiz Fernando Vieira/ Felipe Santos/ Gian Barbera/ Gabriel Roveri/ Tiago Lima Production Company: PBA Cinema Director: Nico Perez Veiga Executive Production Brazil: Mayra Gama Executive Production Argentina: Gaby Carcova D.O.P.: Leandro Filoy Editing: Marcela Truglio Post Production Brazil: Diulle Fonseca and Andre Baltrusaitis Post Production Argentina: Sebastian Lopez Post Production: Post Reino Buenos Aires Sound Production: SuperSonica Production and mixing: Antonio Pinto / Luiz Vanzato Client’s Approval (Telefonica|Vivo): Christian Mauad Gebara/Cristina Duclos/ Joao Bell/ Juliana Covino/ Juliana Bueno/ Juliana Paula Client’s Approval (Samsung): Paula Costa/ Bruna Santalucia/ Fernanda Villa Lobos

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