Vodafone - Add Power To Your Life - (2013) :90 (Germany)


Vodafone - Add Power To Your Life - (2013) :90 (Germany)

Sebastian Strasser brings forth this epic new film for Vodafone. The project was shot over 6 days in Denmark, Germany, the Czech Republic and Romania. During the shoot the team had to navigating some of Europe's worst flooding in decades, making some of the locations highly treacherous, including the diner, which was left half submerged after a flood had hit the area. The film was shot almost completely using hand held cameras, enabling the team to capture more fluid, natural movements, which were then composited together by Time Based Arts, who did an exceptional job blending the 3D, CGI and live action.

Agency : RadicalMedia
Production : Stink
Director : Sebastian Strasser


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