Vodafone invites consumers to engage in the quest against Buffer Monsters. Buffer monsters? Yes, buffer monsters, a nasty breed of virtual creatures that represent all the things that slows us down in life. You know, the little buffer-circle seen when it's lllloaaadingggg. These things are all over town! Catch them! Dump them at a Vodafone store when your buffer monster-cage is full and redeem points. The best buffer chasers will get a chance to win a free lifetime vodafone plan. Nice.

Behind the concept as well as the production is the Swedish agency North Kingdom.

"We are happy to have developed a concept that we believe communicates the message in a strong way. It is entertaining, engaging, utilizes location-based augmented reality to connect the digital and physical worlds" says David Eriksson, Executive Creative Director at North Kingdom.

Client: Vodafone Ad Agency: North Kingdom

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