Here's a Christmas advert with a twist. Grandfather leaves the old folks home to spend Christmas with his family. He's thrilled to see them all, pauses for a moment at the photo of his dearly departed wife, and tries hard to get into the spirit of things. But part of him is elsewhere. He's texting back and forth like a teenager to someone who isn't there-- his crush from the old folk's home. Seeing this, the daughter conspires to get him a surprise gift. Cute ad and its nice that a spot features old people with lives who are actually technologically proficient.

Client: Vodafone Portugal Brand Director: Leonor Dias Brand Manager: Joana Alfieri Brand Analysts: Catarina Tavares, Joana Guedes Advertising Agency: J. Walter Thompson Lisbon, Portugal Creative Director: João Oliveira Art Director: Raoul van Harten Copywriter: Tiago Cruz Account Team: Nuno Paisana, Sónia Reis Production Company: Krypton Films Director: Augusto Fraga DOP: André Szankowski Editor: Marcos Castiel Music: Améba and Pedro Camacho Original Music: Panic is perfect: Go Go Go Post production: Light Films