Here's a pretty hardcore but brilliant Idea from Vodafone in Turkey. Y&R Team Red created a Red Light App to help aid women if they are about to become victims of domestic violence. Judging by the statistics, this isn't a rare occurrence, sadly. The app is cleverly designed to look like just a flashlight, but all it takes to use the app is to shake your phone. Then three trusted people in your contacts list will receive text messages that you are in trouble. They even went so far as to advertise the app in secret, acrosss all media via fake "how to videos" for women. That last fact is as telling as the fact that the app notifies three of your friends if you are in trouble, as opposed to the police.
Regardless, this is proof positive that no problem is too great to solve.

Agency: Y&R - Team Red Istanbul Creative Director: Ayse Aydin Creative Group Head: Erkan Kaya, Ilker Dagli Art Director: Bulent Sengul Copywriter: Ugur Sonmez, Can Arabacilar General Manager: Hilal Birecik Account Team: Ceren Kalkan, Setenay Ergin, Deniz Atalay Head of Strategy: Bediz Eker Strategy: Arif Emre Percin Producer: Huseyin Bilir