Volkswagen Golf - Everday - (2008) :40 (UK)


Volkswagen Golf - Everday - (2008) :40 (UK)

Orb are back! in fact Paul Hartnoll of Orbital mixed the natural sounds in this commercial shoot together to create the music bed. Soundbed. Electrobed. Bah, you know what I mean. Created by DDB London, and shot by Scott Lyons from Outsider.

Jeremy Craigen, Executive Creative Director
Graeme Hall, Copywriter / Art Director
NOAH REGAN, Copywriter / Art Director
Richard Chambers, Agency Producer
Vicki Cullen, Assistant Producer
Director :Scott Lyon
DoP: John Mathieson
Prod. Co.:Outsider
Editor: Art Jones @ Speade
Composer: Paul Hartnell
Producer: Zeno Campbell
Client: Morna Steel

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Hasn't this been done to death by some many brands?
Or am I missing the point?

(For instance, that Nike spot where they were bouncing balls to make the music)

Sure, it's classic - I bet if we dig a little we can get an ad that makes music out of the clips sounds from 1968. But it's orbital Technoelectrogroup famed for actually jamming and making live music during concerts. I guess that's why this one is cool. (full disclouse: old orb fan who had an absolut blast at their concerts back in the nineties... aaah... the nineties...)

It's sonically, actually a well made sound track. I don't normally think that muso's are actually that good at using natural sound elements.
So much is copied, repeated blablabla now days in most walks of life, these chaps are just doing what we know. Maybe that's the idea somehow to make people think they know the VW range?

So they just tried to do something that has been done too many times, better.
But I don't think this is better. Hence my low vote.

Like Hygge says, it's an ancient idea. Nissan Samplers is the oldest one that I can recall but I'm sure there are others.

Nissan Altima - Samplers (2002) - 0:30 (USA)

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