“You do not want these in there. Trust me, I’m a bag boy. At ...eh.. Here. ” Directed by David Shane who also brought you Swear Jar, the overzealous VW salesman Johnny Conquest in this ad tries to trick people into taking the VW Jetta out for a test drive. Johnny Conquest knows his stuff when it comes to the Volkswagen Jetta, but he can't remember what the name of the place he's pretending to work at. See also co-worker.

Johnny is a VW-evangelist, a surreal salesman of sorts, who fibs his way into these odd jobs just to try to get into VWs? Wait, the logic isn't holding up here. Is he a VW-salesman? Is it so hard to get people to come and try a VW for a test drive that he has to sneak them into organic supermarket parking lots to give them away? If he's giving them away, can I have one?

Deutsch Creative Credits and Titles: Executive Creative Director: Michael Kadin Group Creative Director: Matt Ian Creative Director: Craig Evans Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo § Director of Content Production: Victoria Guenier § VP, Executive Integrated Producer: Jim Haight § Integrated Producer: Lyndsey Wilson Production Company: O Positive Director: David Shane Director of Photography: Eric Treml Executive Producer: Marc Grill Executive Producer: Ralph Laucella Head of Production: Devon Clark Line Producer: Ken Licata 1st A.D.: Billy Jones Editor: Chan Hatcher Assistant Editor: Keith Hamm Executive Producer: Chrissy DeSimone Post Producer: Kendra Desai

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