Swedish winters suck. They last forever. And you can't believe it's ever going to change. The minute you see those birds fly south, you know you're screwed.

In an attempt to make it just a little easier, Volkswagen decided to help out. Their
Skiteam edition cars with 4MOTION: that's four wheel drive, a car heater and roof box.

Getting back to the birds: DDB Stockholm paired up with the University in Lund and used GPS to live-track an osprey bird during its winter migration to the southern hemisphere and back.

Fans could follow the bird, read its tweets and of course, learn all about the 4MOTION cars. There was even a prize thrown in for good measure.

The press release tells me the campaign lasted until the bird returned. Knowing the winter's there, it probably got back May 3rd.

This is a fun little campaign. Although I'm not sure why a Canadian narrated it if it's Swedish.

Client: Volkswagen Agency: DDB Stockholm Creative Director - Fredrik Simonsson Creative Director - Magnus Jakobsson Art Director - Joel Ekstrand Copywriter - Nick Christiansen Art Director - Lennart Claesson Copywriter - Stefan Gustafsson Business Director - Jenny Kaiser Agency Producer - Katarina Mohlin Designer - Martin Runfors Web Developer - Koji Wakayama

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