Volkswagen Polo - Interview - (2003) 0:30 (Netherlands)


Volkswagen Polo - Interview - (2003) 0:30 (Netherlands)

This guy is really over confident - in a good way.

director: Sven Super.

production: Stink




You'd think it was his first day at work, as he brings his plants and shakes hands with people he meets in the hall. But he's just going for an interview.

The subteties are what makes this commercial so effective: the use of glass and shiny polished things climax to the last shot of the black shiny automobile; his behavior of excitement and anticipation; the confusion of the panel of interviewers mirror that of the consumer (audience). It is a guy who fulfills the fantasy-confidence that every young business man has for interviewing. At the end, we all secretly finish the story with him landing the job.

The Polo comes across as stylish, cute, modern and smart.

spot on! except in my end scenario he not only gets the job, but a raise, two PA's and the corner office. ;))

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