Volkswagen - Reverse Driving With Trailer - (2016) :30 (Norway)


Volkswagen - Reverse Driving With Trailer - (2016) :30 (Norway)

How easy is it to drive a VW with a trailer? Not very hard at all if you have "Trailer Assist" technology, and the Volkswagen importer in Norway turned to Try ad agency to have them create an ad that would show the Norwegians this. With "Trailer Assist" it's like "Park Assist", much easier to know what you're doing. Maybe not quite this easy, but people did take notice. A silver VW reversed around town with a trailer - at high speed through roundabouts, car parks and intersections. It even parked, backwards! The little stunt was created with the help of "Stuntgruppen" Stockholm, with co-operation of the Norwegian Police in the town of Lillestrøm, Norway.

Client:Harald A. Møller AS
Marketing Director: Tor Anton Bjørge
Marketing Consultant: Thea Øwre-Johnsen
Agency: TRY, Oslo
Copywriter: Øystein Halvorsen, Preben Moan, Finn Knutsen, Morten Berger Karlsen
Art Director: Karin Lund, Camilla Bjørnhaug, Eirik Sørensen
Production Company: Bacon OSL
Director: Andreas Riiser Producer: Ola Narum Berg
Stunts: Svenska Stunttruppen
Media agency: MediaComContent
Director: Tord Sollie Manager: Ståle Gjerset, Ruben Søgård, Hilde Dahle
Media Partner: Be On Nordics
Sales Manager: Nikolai Kaatorp Mathisen
Campaign Manager: Ane Mari Eriksen Publishing Manager: Vivian Vestre

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