Volkswagen and Deutsch would like to buy the world a coke VW.

For this spot, they got Jimmy Cliff to cover the Partridge Family's "Come on get Happy." They found all the fifteen minutes of fame internet celebrities by using search words like "freak out," and "angry," and then rounded them up and made them sing and dance in a field. With Jimmy Cliff.

At least it isn't another Star Wars video.


Client’s Company Name and Address:
Volkswagen of America
2200 Ferdinand Porsche Drive
Herndon, VA 20171

Super Bowl Release (Long Form)

Name/Length of Spots:
Super Bowl Release – WVWF0160000/H Sunny Side Super Bowl Release Long Form SD/HD

Air Date:
Online Super Bowl Release – 1/24/13

Client Credits:
EVP, Chief Product and Marketing Officer: Tim Mahoney
VP, Marketing: Kevin Mayer
General Manager Marketing Communications: Justin Osborne
Brand Communications Manager: Jeff Sayen
Advertising Specialist: Chanel Arola

Deutsch Creative Credits and Titles:
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Hunter
Group Creative Director: Michael Kadin
Group Creative Director: Matt Ian
Creative Director: Brian Friedrich
Creative Director: Mark Peters
Senior Art Director: Mike Blanch
Senior Copywriter: Ben Salsky
Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo
Director of Content Production: Victoria Guenier
Executive Producer: Jim Haight
Producer: Matt Magsaysay
Music Supervisor: Dave Rocco
Assistant Producer: Tessa Banks

Production Company(s)/Based in City/State:
2201 S. Carmelina Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90064
Director: The Perlorian Brothers
Director of Photography: Xavier Grobet
Senior Executive Producer: Scott Howard
Line Producer: Jay Shapiro
1st A.D.: Craig Owens


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