Cities are always crowded and there is little room to play, except in car parks. Problem is, the more cars arrive to park, the less room there is to play. Volkswagen came up with a solution: A mobile basketball hoop that is able to detect empty parking spaces and move there accordingly. Let's just hope the players are good. Otherwise there will be a lot of dented cars.

Client: Volkswagen Partners : Unbranded, Stad Oostende, Vlaamse Basketbal Liga & Immo Degroote Contact Volkswagen: Marc Donner, Filip Vanrietvelde, Frederic Lequeu & Simon De Pauw Agency: DDB Creative Directors: Peter Ampe & Odin Saillé Concept Creation: Peter Ampe Copy & Art Direction: Rom&John FR copy: Jonathan D'Oultremont Startegy: Dominique Poncin & Maarten Van Daele Account team: Sylvie De Couvreur, Silvie Erzeel, Filiz Temur & Anneleen Vande Voorde Digital Production: Stefanie Warreyn & Maarten Breda Graphic designer website: Sven Verfaille Development website: Christophe Gesquière Production company: Geronimo Director: Jan Boon Producer: Mathias Kerner PR: Kenn Van Lijsebeth & Jean-Marc Ponteville Studio: Sebastien Tirot, France Cleves, Benjamin Hiffe & Adam Kozlowski Activatie bureau (persmoment): Lapin Quotidien

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