It looks almost exactly like it, but you'll soon spot that this A-HA video homage isn't the actual video, the look was achieved using the same rotoscoping technique. Stills were shot to get the right angles, and then the story was animated.

The race is on with a Volkswagen in full view, the hero wins, sees the heroine with her halo of curly hair, and they dance all eighties like with rolled up suit-jacket sleeves, shoulder pads and oversized skirts. Aaah, the 80s. We don't miss you.

The romantic vision comes to a screeching halt when we see the guy doodling on his TPS reports at the conference table. "Is that me? Was I singing?" Yes dude. Yes you were. Across the table a redhead with a halo of curls, giggles discreetly ........oh we know why he's so happy!

The car. He's not paying for scheduled maintenance. Feels pretty good. Almost as good as he felt last night on a date with that redhead. Oh you know they got it goin' on.

Deutsch Creative Credits and Titles: Executive Creative Director: Michael Kadin Group Creative Director: Matt Ian Creative Director: Mark Peters Associate Creative Director: Ryan Scott Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo · Director of Content Production: Victoria Guenier · Executive Integrated Producer: Jim Haight Production Company: O Positive Director: David Shane Executive Producer: Marc Grill Line Producer: Ken Licata Editorial Company: Union Editorial Editor: Jim Haygood Assistant Editor: Dylan Firshein Executive Producer: Michael Raimondi Producer: Joe Ross Animation/Visual Effects Company: Passion Pictures Head of Production: Anna Lord Executive Producer: Alex Webster Producer: Matt Saxton Director: John Roberston Music/Composer: “Take On Me” Performed by a-ha Courtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc. & Sony/ATV Music Publishing By arrangement with Warner Music Group Commercial Licensing & Sony/ATV Commercial Music Group

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