Volkswagen VW Jetta - That Laugh - (2013)

Noam Murro shot this ad, which tells you how far you can get with just one tank of gas in a VW TDI clean diesel vehicle. Realy far. It'll be a really long tme that you have to listen to that laugh until the next gas break.

Deutsch Creative Credits and Titles: Chief Creative Officer: Mark Hunter Group Creative Director: Michael Kadin Group Creative Director: Matt Ian Senior Art Director: Karl Haddad Senior Copywriter: Jed Cohen Director of Integrated Production: Vic Palumbo Director of Content Production: Victoria Guenier Executive Integrated Producer: Jim Haight Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks 7026 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038 Director: Noam Murro Executive Producer: Shawn Lacy
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