This is a video for "Million Ways To Live," by Mapei, a Swedish American singer. But it's also the finale of Volvo Trucks' web series #realityroad. To make the video, Mapei rode in a Volvo truck driven by Jens Karlsson who also drove the truck during Epic Split.
The song's bouncy and catchy but the video looks like an adidas Originals spot but with an Equestrian team thrown in for good measure.

Customer: Volvo Trucks Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors: Client: Volvo Trucks Director for "Million Ways to Live" music video: Liza Minou Morberg Customer responsible Forsman & Bodenfors: Olle Victorin Art Director Forsman & Bodenfors: Anders Eklind Copywriter Forsman & Bodenfors: Björn Engström Copywriter Forsman & Bodenfors: Eva Råberg Art Director Forsman & Bodenfors: Kim Cramer Producer: Jasper Lake Line Producer: Josefin Eriksson Project Manager: Emma Hägglund Post Production Producer: Emma Feuk Photographer: Anders Ekert, Erik Ericsson Sound: Henrik Pettersson, Philip Lundberg Editor: I. Bjurenstedt, A. Carlborg, S. Amundsen Executive Producer: Magnus Gustafsson

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    I'm digging it, so where do I buy the album... eh... truck? Dangit what do I need a truck for?

    Jul 30, 2015

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