Heidi Klum and hubby Seal star in this spot.

Set to the track "Living the Right Life," from Seal«s new CD, the spot features Heidi enjoying a gentle ride in her black VW Tiguan SUV while Seal enthusiastically off-roads in his white one. "I love the way my husband and I complement each other," says Heidi to the camera. "I'm more the chaotic type. My husband on the other hand is really laid back..." She drives along smoothly as Seal yelps in delight as he drives through a construction site and splashes around a reservoir. Pulling into their driveway simultaneously, they greet each other with kisses. Heidi asks, "How was the drive?" as she stares in bewilderment at Seal«s mud-covered car.

For Editor Stephen Berger, the challenge was showing that Heidi was driving the "calm" vehicle while giving impact to the "revelation" that Seal is driving the "aggressive" vehicle without hitting people over the head.

"We wanted to delay Seal's entry into the spot for as long as possible and maximize the energy when we finally see him," explains Berger. "In minor, subtle ways we were able to differentiate their cars by making the music louder in Seal's sequences and adding more dynamic sound effects. We were trying to use the shots where the cars share the screen to not only juxtapose the driving styles, but also show that both cars were taking the same route."

"Complementing" aims to cross-promote three brands: VW«s launch of their new smaller SUV, the Tiguan, Heidi Klum«s wide appeal as a model and hostess for "Top Model" in Germany, as well as Seal«s new song/album. The spot has been created in two :35 versions and two :30 versions (German and English of each) for the European market. Berger, who doesn't speak German, had to create the German edit based on feeling and pacing of the footage.

"This was a fun project to work on," concludes Berger. "It's a lighthearted spot. Director Christoffer von Reiss and I hit it off, and got each other«s sensibilities right away. The vibe with the production company, agency and client was passionate and positive throughout the entire process. Everyone was happy with the product we delivered. Considering we had a short timeframe, things came together seamlessly and with no tension, which is always a bonus."

Production Company: Stink GmbH, Berlin, Germany Director: Christoffer von Reis DP: Christer Crille Forsberg Executive Producer: Nils Schwemer Producer: Juri Wiesner Where shot: Los Angeles, CA Advertising Agency: Grabarz & Partner W.A. GMBH, Hamburg, Germany Creative Director: Ralf Heuel Producer: Anne Hoffmann Copywriter: Paul von Muhlendahl Editorial Company: Final Cut LA Editor: Stephen Berger Assistant Editor: Logan Hefflefinger Executive Producer: Saima Awan Producer: Kelly Garcia Telecine Facility: The Mill, London Colorist: Seamus O'Kane Online Facility: Syndicate Ent. AB, Stockholm, Sweden Music & Sound Design Company: Housework, Stockholm, Sweden

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