VW / Volkswagen GTI - Fast - Problem (2006) :30 (USA)


VW / Volkswagen GTI - Fast - Problem (2006) :30 (USA)

Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky



Yikes! First the creepy Burger King. Now the very strange "FAST" tschotske.

Is anyone else getting the feeling that Crispin Porter, with their very uncute advertising mascots, is turning into the Leo Burnett of the new millenium?

Just suffered through the series. Painfully bad. The concept almost has merit, but they've beaten us over the head. And the voice...
I'm starting to think CP's reign may be nearing completion.

Yup, with Sprite having a little black doll with an afro claiming to be "thirst" and Cadbury's in Britain having large stuffed animals represent your "happiness", as well as the examples above, I think it's time to call time on the "creating-a-character-to-stand-in-for-something-intangible" idea.

OMG! If you think this stuff is weird, check out the web site. Take a GTI test-drive with a German dominatrix/nurse... this must be the dark side of "Subservient Chicken"


Oh hey, that's live now? Cool. Strange, although I think the fast thing is more odd.

I don't get the concept... I mean - is there some culture bias or what is that little thingy mean?

The little thingie represents "fast" and works just as poorly or well for Americans - it's not a culture thing. I guess it's a litttle like angel and devil representing your conscience. If you've seen that you're well equipped enough to make the leap for this thingie.

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