Cute, precocious dog steals the family newspaper and makes a Walgreens run to get the perfect gift for his bestie. The parents of course have no idea how the present got there because it's The Miracle Of Christmas™
My question is, did the dog use cash or credit?

Client: Walgreens Agency: GSD&M Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell Group Creative Directors: Victor Camozzi, Bryan Edwards CD/Art Director: Joel Guidry CD/Writer: Jake Camozzi Executive Producer: Sara Cherry Producer: Bebe Baldwin Editor: Sam Selis, Beast Account Service: Brad Nadal, Samantha Rendon, Sarah Page, Nancy Ryan Marketplace Planning: Luke Dreyer Production Company: Bob Industries Director: Harry Cocciolo DP: Josh Hess Exec Producers: TK Knowles, Chuck Ryant, John O’Grady Line Producer: Phillip Sheridan Editorial Company: Beast Editor: Sam Selis Asst Editor: Brandon Brown Exec Producer: Ron Rendon Producer: Jon Saltzman VFX: Method Studios VFX Supervisor: Vernon Wilbert Senior Producer: Pip Malone Exec Producer: Stephanie Gilgar Music House: Dogwalk Music Composers: Matt Downs, Danny Wilde