Walkers Deep Ridged - Go Big or Go Home - (2014)


Walkers Deep Ridged - Go Big or Go Home - (2014)

AMV BBDO and Initials Marketing have created a digital campaign for Walkers where you can win up to £50,000 when you buy a packet of crisps and play 'Go Big or Go Home'.

Walkers Deep Ridged, personified by the game’s fictional host Lester Leycroft, invite you to trade your pack of crisps for the opportunity to win £5, then £25, all the way to the grand prize of £50,000. The campaign consists of a complete multi-device website build, 25 individual videos, this video, many digital banners, new on-pack designs and a full social media content strategy. Lester Leycroft will challenge you everywhere you go now.

Advertiser: Walkers
Brand: Deep Ridged
Ad Agency: AMV BBDO
Account Director: Tom Shattock, Anna Taylor
Account Manager: Ned Patterson
Creative: Tim Riley
Media Planner: Benjamin Cooper



cool I just won £5, not gunna risk that lol, defo gunna be buying more Deep Ridge with my winnings though.

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