This spot for The Walking Dead: Road To Survival mobile game, features Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken."

Digital Agency: Wildlife Creative Directors: Scott Friedman, Jake Friedman Executive Producer: Brandon Del Nero Producer: Amanda Watarz Design: Josh Harvey, Alex Mapar CG Supervisor: Erick Schiele Character Models: Kevin Manning, Damon Snyder Modeling: Damon Snyder, Billy Maloney, Michael Knobelsdorf Textures: Erick Schiele, Damon Snyder, Billy Maloney, Michael Knobelsdorf Rigging: Damon Snyder, Michael Knobelsdorf Animation: Michael Knobelsdorf, James Lane, Billy Maloney Compositing: Erick Schiele, Youn Kim, Ryan Kirkwood Look Dev/Lighting: Erick Schiele, Billy Maloney Effects Animation: Billy Maloney 2D Animation: Omur Ozgur, Michael Knobelsdorf Music: Edo Vanbreemen Voiceover: Nolan North Mix: BangZoom!

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