Anonymous Content Director PES, via Cole & Weber United, created an amusing stop motion spot promoting the various games in the Washington State Lottery. It's Coming, It's Here crafts an interesting story without any human characters; set in a vibrant world, the colorful :30 tracks the movement of armadas of giant red and yellow lottery balls as they roll across a countryside populated with iconic Washington State landmarks: the Seattle Space Needle, snow-capped mountains, a patchwork of rich agricultural land. After journeying across the state - sirens blaring along with urgent marching music, as though war is afoot - the two groups line up across from one another in a verdant field. Instead of battling, however, the two groups mesh into one variegated jumble as a voiceover announces that Powerball and Mega Millions have come together at last in the Washington State Lottery.

Client: Washington Lottery Spots Title: It's Coming, It's Here Air Date: February 2010 Agency: Cole & Weber United EP: Pete Anderson Copywriter: Jacob Baas CD: Scott Fero Agency Producer: Matt Ralston Prod Company: Anonymous Content Director: PES EP: Danielle Peretz EP/Head of Commercials: Dave Morrison Head of Production: Sue Ellen Clair Producer: Scott Pourroy Production Supervisor: Jeremy Ellis Editorial: Homestead Editorial Editor: Sam Welch Post/Effects: LA Liquid Sound Design: Lime Music: Analogue Muse

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