Watch Dogs 2 is out, and with it a trailer from Sid Lee Paris called Predictive World. Which leads to a microsite called Predictive World. Here you can connect with Facebook and scraping all the data available, the site with spit out things about you from marijuana consumption to what year you are most likely to die. If you don't connect with Facebook and only enter basic info, you are warned the predictions are less accurate. The again when I used my Facebook to connect, the predictions were exactly the same. Both times it said I lived in Washington. So maybe it's predictively incorrect? Or maybe they go by servers? I dunno. Not my forte. Neat idea though.
As for Watch Dogs 2? I played the first one, and by played, I meant walked around "hacking" stuff for hours until I got bored. I suspect a lot of people gave up on the game, not just geeks. Why they decided a sequel was in order is beyond me.

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