The kyootest giant whale terrorizing downtown Tokyo that you've ever seen. He even says
"please stop whaling" to that dude inside the Whale Research Institute building. Aw.
Plaza director Allan Moore explains: "I wanted to utilise the stylised cuteness that appeals to the young Japanese, presenting whales with the kindness and intelligence that all marine mammals are renowned for."

WDCS (Whale & Dolphin Conservation Society)
Agency : Direct
Editor: Dan Mitchell - MRPPP
Dop: Alex Dufficy
Producer: Michelle Coassin
Director & Copywriter: Allan Moore
Prod. Co. : Plaza Films
Visual Effects & Post Production: Rosano Lepri (MRPPP)
Colourist: Scott MacLean - Cutting Edge
Music: Andrew Lancaster & David McCormack @ Supersonic

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  • Neo's picture

    Is this Australian ad airing in Australia or Japan? The directors comment makes no sense.

    Mar 19, 2008

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