This is the full edit from an awareness campaign about Sikhs in the United states, from We Are Sikhs. The goal is to answer common questions such as "What does the turban stand for?" and show that Sikhs are a distinct and different religion as its often misunderstood. As one man in this testimonial alludes to "we're often misrepresented in the media", translation: "photo editors think we're Muslim."

So in the ad we have attractive young Sikhs speaking about their religion, tying their turbans, doing a little dance and sharing this conversation over coffee. It's friendly, approachable, sunny and just the right amount of ....bland. My first reaction was that they're not telling me anything I didn't know about Sikhs. My second was "really we need to make an awareness campaign about Sikhs?" But then, I am not the target market. The "blandness" of this ad ensures that it can run on any network, practically any time. It's as easy to digest as a cup of latte. The media buy is mainly news networks, but also local airtime in cities who have large Sikh populations. And apparently, this campaign is needed as the campaign fights an uphill battle against the media who think they're muslims

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Client: We Are Sikhs